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Miss Bea's Bandanas

Miss Bea's Bandanas

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Handmade Dog Bandanas 

Note from the artist: "Thank you for supporting a 20-something graduate student with a big dream and the best dog!" -Bearded Lady Bandanas

Each bandana is individually hand made for a unique and beautiful look for your well-dressed fur baby. Bandanas slide easily over your dogs, cats, or other pets collar. 

***Suggested Bandana Sizes*** – As all dogs come in different shapes and sizes, please measure your dog and their collar for a proper fit.

XS- 7" wide & 5 1/2" to point

S- 7 1/2" wide & 6" to point

M- 8 1/2" wide & 6 1/2" to point

L- 9" wide & 7 1/2" to point

XL- 10" wide & 8 1/2" to point

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